Dvine Exhibitions

DVINE Expo & Events offer a long term or permanent EXPO which could develop into an additional outlet for the products/services exhibitors.

Exhibitors get free advertising as the N1 highway, the main link between Cape Town and Johannesburg runs through the property. In addition the R101, a national road, forms the southern border of the property for approximately 2km. Thus creating exposure to about 15 million people.

Additional exposure to thousands of people attending the Events, e.g. sport events, festivals, auctions, musical festivals etc.

The only expo in the area that provides an extra 30 000 m² of space to demonstrate construction and agricultural equipment. Potential buyers can see the equipment in operation.

Another advantage is that equipment can stay on site until sold as the saving on transport cost of especially heavy and bulky equipment have a huge benefit to exhibitors in terms of time and net profit.

DVINE EXPO & EVENTS has at its core the establishment of an indoor and outdoor EXPO facility in conjunction with  a fully licenced restaurant, and ground and facilities to stage sports events and  auctions, festivals, arts and craft markets and related events and activities. Some major differentiates make this a unique opportunity:

The location both sides of the N1 highway between Johannesburg and Cape Town and the alternative route, the Du Toits Kloof Pass (R101) with millions of passing vehicles per annum, creating a massive marketing opportunity to tap that resource.

This makes Dvine Estate the perfect location to showcase your products.

 The unique service provides Exhibitors with the following:

  • The longest exposure for the best rate
  • Massive cost saving as our staff and/or people with disabilities can manage their stand
  • Assistance to find suitable agents/distributors/franchisees for their products/services
  • Free marketing and exposure to spectators/participants of other events on the premises
  • Free outdoor demonstration space of 30 000 m² for big equipment e.g. 4×4, bulldozer, etc.


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